Is Medication Helping You, Or Hurting You?


About 3 years ago, I tried to start limiting the medications I took unless I actually needed it, or THOUGHT I actually “needed” it. Within the last 3 years I have successfully lived without Pain Medications (for cramps), cold/flu medications and sleeping pills. In all honesty, even though the pain I feel during my menstrual cycle is almost unbearable without taking pain medication, and the fact that my colds might last a little longer than average, I truly feel like that beats the feeling I get when I take most medications prescribed to me from Doctors and over the counter medications.

*This post is not to sway your opinion on taking Medication, it’s more to help you be more aware of what’s going on around you and to think twice about what you choose to put into your body*.

When I think about America and our Government, all I think about is a Business and Money. The Pharmaceutical Industry is such a money maker for Americas Economy, and when there is money to be made, unfortunately sometimes Ethics go out the door. One thing that really made me start questioning the Pharmaceutical Industry is when I realized the American Medical Association started endorsing Obamacare, it made me really start to question if the Government has our best interests in mind, or if everything in America really is just about money.

America not only has one of the most expensive Healthcare Systems in the world, but it is also one of the most corrupt and broken systems. It seems as if it was put in place in order to make/keep people sick and habitually dependent on drugs in order to only SURVIVE, never to get cured or healed completely.

There is actual evidence whether you choose to believe it or not that there are possible cures to some of the biggest killers in America like: Cancer, Aids and other terminal diseases. When I find out information like this, it makes me stop believing everything that I’m told and go do my own research. Since I’ve been doing my own research and thinking for myself, I have not only limited the medications I take, but have also started going to a Naturopath compared to my regular Family Doctor.

Seeking help from my Naturopath N.D Susan Adams, has been a life changing decision for me! Naturopathy is a primary care health care profession, that focuses on prevention, treatment and healing through the use of therapeutic methods, remedies as well as encouraging self-healing. Like I said, going to my Naturopath has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life, and I can’t wait to keep you all updated with my self-healing process!

Next week, I plan to go more into depth about Big Pharma, Natural Remedies, and my experience thus far with Naturopathy. Until then, please keep in mind that you have to love your body in and out, because no one else will the way you can! Remember that it’s okay to be skeptical and question what it is you’re putting into your body.

Love you guys!
Ayanna Tunsil

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