Do you choose to Affect people, or Infect people?

Good Afternoon Everyone!
I apologize for missing a couple of blog posts over the last two weeks! I’ve kind of been lacking motivation for the last couple of weeks due to letting things that truly aren’t a big deal stress me out.
Now that I’m back in action and taking control of my happiness, I decided to write about how you are in complete control of your destiny.You can either choose to be a positive person and affect others in a positive way or focus on the negative and infect people with bad energy.

Please keep in mind that everyone is going through something in life, some choose to be vocal about their trials and others keep it to themselves. Either or is perfectly fine. I just think it needs to be known that your mind is such a powerful tool in our bodies and is easily taken for granted.
The Conscious Mind: We are given the ability to form our lives through the thoughts that we think, because our conscious mind can think freely.
There are so many thoughts that we can have, for example:thoughts of health, poverty, sickness, wealth, being afraid, being happy, and many more. When we have these thoughts, eventually they turn into feelings, which is understood in our lives as what we experience. Once we experience any of these thoughts/feelings, whether or not they are good or bad thoughts,we find it to be true. Eventually you will start having more of these thoughts, the feelings about your thoughts will intensify and soon enough you will believe it more.Once we start believing in a specific thought(s) even more, in return, we experience it even more. It’s literally a never ending cycle that begins with either a positive or negative thought.
This is such a true concept that unfortunately not everyone has grasped or choose not to believe it for whatever reason. When you start to be more conscious of the thoughts you have, you will be more aware of thoughts and beliefs around you and then you can choose what you want to enter your mind and what exactly you choose to believe.
A quote by Budhha: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become” – Buddha
A life tip that I will passionately live by until the day I die, is focusing on positive energy. I’m sure everyone reading this post has heard the phrase “Positive Vibes”, “Positive Vibes Only”, “#GoodVibes”, etc. However, I’m not sure if everyone really understands the true meaning of energy and more importantly positive energy.
Every day we experience various energies that affect not only how we feel, but what we do throughout our day. Things we say, think, do, and even don’t do, produce energy that affect you and the people around you. When you choose to focus on positive energy, it becomes perceptible and people can start to feel the energy you have (it is super contagious too!).
I’ve never realized how much energy actually plays a vital role in our lives. Once I became aware of it, I began taking it upon myself to try my best to focus on the positive. I choose to affect people in a positive way compared to infecting them with negative thoughts and beliefs.

I hope everyone reading this starts to utilize their conscious mind more and focus on the positive. You can manifest positive things in your life and make your life what you want it to be.



Ayanna Tunsil

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